Let's change the world… 3 times a day!

"We can make a change!” In 2016, Juraj from Slovakia, Marija from Malta and about 80.000 other pupils and students from nine European countries have embarked on a journey to discover their power to move our world towards a more just and sustainable future. They have chosen to investigate how much power lies right in front of us. No need to be a super hero to start fighting deforestation, water pollution, climate change or to address the root causes of poverty, food insecurity and migration.   Join them in making our food system more responsible...

What is new?

What is changing in schools and in society right now?

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Why responsible food consumption matters?

Why does what I eat matter? How can my food change the world? All that you need to know to become a responsible consumer.

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Best practices

Schools have already achieved a lot and here you can find the best examples of how you too can change the world around you.

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Teachers' corner

For teachers and parents who want more resources and information on responsible consumption.

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