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Changes in the menu make a big difference for kids in the Polish town of Skawina

Less meat, more groats and locally-grown fresh vegetable and herbs. This is the new lunch menu for kindergarten No. 3 in Skawina, Poland. Based on the work of local Eco-team, the school started its way toward more responsible eating and living. The food audit carried out by the Eco-team at the beginning of the school […]

Busy year for Bulgarian students. All schools in Burgas now eat responsibly.

Students from Mihail Lakatnik primary school in Burgas achieved a great success. After a whole series of public events at which they raised awareness of responsible consumption, their good work was noticed and awarded by the local municipality. All schools in Burgas received support to follow responsible choices. A great deal of action preceded their […]

Romanian students' campaign for local food

We think globally, We eat locally! This is the motto of Romanian students of school No. 2 in Piteşti, which is a second-year participant in the We Eat Responsibly project. Their successful march with the aim of encouraging others toward responsible consumption was highly appreciated by local farmers and producers. Using questionnaires distributed at school […]

The fair trade breakfast was a great success. Students from Zbiroh want to make it a tradition.

“Fair trade is fun,” could be a motto of the Eco-team from Zbiroh, Czech Republic. In addition to traditional events such as screenings of documentary films with discussions, children involved in the We Eat Responsibly project came up with few novelties. They organized a fair trade breakfast for the public and a fair trade St. […]

They help responsibly: Croatian students cook for their schoolmates from local ingredients

Students from the Croatian secondary school “Arboretum Opeka” came up with a plan to help their less fortunate schoolmates by using responsible food consumption principles. In a new students’ school kitchen they started to cook meals from locally grown seasonal ingredients for those who cannot afford to buy a lunch at school. Students at the […]

Eating locally, thinking globally. Remarkable changes at a Maltese primary school.

Dingli Primary School and Kindergarten went through significant changes during one school year in the We Eat Responsibly project. Children started to think critically about their food choices, promoted responsible food and drink choices and began composting and growing their own food in the school garden. Furthermore, they informed the local community about the importance […]

They share their knowledge with others: students from Ljubljana informed the public about the impacts of our food choices.

During the last year, students from the Zadobrova primary school have been exploring various topics connected with our food. They have been tackling the issue of food waste, investigating problems connected with meat and soy production and exploring the advantages of local and seasonal food compared to food imported from abroad. They also declared Friday […]

Latvian kindergarten reduced its food waste by nearly 70% Food waste

The Anelle kindergarten in Latvia managed a major reduction in its food waste within one year in the We Eat Responsibly project. They moved from an average of 58 kg of waste per child a year at the beginning of the school year to an average of 18 kg, representing a nearly 70% decrease! How […]

Students explained complex global issues using handmade cardboard models Food systems Meat consumption Palm oil

Pupils from the “Trávník” primary school in Přerov, Czech Republic, organised an Action Day aimed at drawing attention to issues of responsible food consumption, including excessive meat consumption, palm oil, land grabbing and food waste. They built booths in front of the schools to present the outcomes of their long-term efforts. Visitors could admire impressive […]

Students from a Latvian school shared a message about local food with both residents and municipality officials. Fair and Local Responsible consumption

In November 2015, “Kalnciems” high school in Jelgava, Latvia, launched a local campaign to stress the importance of local food choices and to support local organic farmers. Inhabitants of the town were informed about local organic farming products and they were given a vegetable or fruit from the students’ gardens. After that, the students discussed […]


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