How are food habits changing around the world? And how are food habits changing the world? Let´s look at six global food trends and why responsible food consumption matters.

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Why responsible food consumption matters

Rethinking food consumption and production models – an intro

Is it the right time to eat strawberries?

Trend n°1: any food at any time, from anywhere

What is the link between chicken wings and the Amazon Forest?

Trend n°2: the increasing consumption of meat and dairy products

Taking another look at biscuits

Trend n°3: the runaway consumption of highly processed food

Who are the people behind my food?

Trend n°4: the growing gap between farmers and consumers

Preserving diversity in my food garden

Trend n°5: the accelerating loss of varieties

Wasting our future?

Trend n°6: a third of all food ending up as waste


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