Children from kindergarten in Cosoveni, Romania, called “The Little Dolphins” learned how to grown their own tomatoes in re-used plastic bottles. Children have a chance to work with soil and explore how their food is grown.

A teacher organized for children planting of a hanging eco-garden. Together with Mrs. teacher children cut holes in one side of five-litres plastic bottles and they planted organic tomato seeds into the botles. At the end of they watered the seeds and until next day they kept the bottles in the classroom. The next day they hang the bottles on metal bars in front of the kindergarten. Every day children pay attention to watering. Meanwhile the seeds grew, flourished and the first tomato fruit appeared!

Many parents and people of our village came to kindergarten to learn how to make such a garden. Children found out that their food can be grown in cities (even without a garden) and how much of energy from different actors is needed in order one tomato could grow up.