Responsible and determined students from Biskupske gymnasium in Bohosudov

Even before participating in the We Eat Responsibly project, members of the Eco-committee at Biskupske gymnasium in Bohosudov were convinced that food issues are crucially important. People cannot live without food; therefore, it is essential they also think about the questions: What do I buy? What do I eat? Students and members of the Eco-committee […]

Radauti – Romanian town of responsible and smart consumers

„We want to live in peace“ and „We will eat responsibly!“ – these two songs were proudly sung by the kids from Micul Print kindergarten during the final event of the We Eat Responsibly project. At the event, three schools, Gymnasium School „Bogdan Voda,“ Kindergarten „Micul Print,“ and National College „Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi,“ presented their activities […]

„A Day of Change“ in the Zagorje Secondary School

„A Day of Change“ successfully ended the whole We Eat Responsibly project in the Secondary School Zagorje. The prepared program of this final ceremony was certainly interesting, covering many different activities. Visitors, including younger children, kids from kindergartens and pupils from primary schools, could attend various workshops, go hiking, do Nordic walking or ride a […]

Palm oil free school cafeteria in Secondary School Kaplice

Students and teachers from a secondary school in the Czech town Kaplice were determined to focus on one of the biggest food issues – palm oil. They wanted to reduce their own consumption of products containing palm oil and also raise awareness amongst their classmates and parents. Source of pictures: Deník/Zuzana Kyselová Indonesia: Frying in […]

Seedsmen from the Elementary School Travnik in Prerov

This was not the first time that pupils from Travnik school participated in the We Eat Responsibly project. Last year they were dealing with the issue of food waste and tried to reduce the amount of food being wasted in their own cafeteria. This year they decided to focus on the topic of Agrobiodiversity with […]

Vegetarian, responsible & tasty - the canteen in St. Albert the Great College in Valletta, Malta

School canteen… Really unpopular place for many students. Nobody would go there for gastronomic and gourmet experience. And many of us have not good memories about this place from our childhoods. However, kids from St. Albert the Great College in Valletta are definitely the exception. They will remember their school canteen as a place where […]

Changes in the menu make a big difference for kids in the Polish town of Skawina

Less meat, more groats and locally-grown fresh vegetable and herbs. This is the new lunch menu for kindergarten No. 3 in Skawina, Poland. Based on the work of local Eco-team, the school started its way toward more responsible eating and living. The food audit carried out by the Eco-team at the beginning of the school […]

Busy year for Bulgarian students. All schools in Burgas now eat responsibly.

Students from Mihail Lakatnik primary school in Burgas achieved a great success. After a whole series of public events at which they raised awareness of responsible consumption, their good work was noticed and awarded by the local municipality. All schools in Burgas received support to follow responsible choices. A great deal of action preceded their […]

Romanian students' campaign for local food

We think globally, We eat locally! This is the motto of Romanian students of school No. 2 in Piteşti, which is a second-year participant in the We Eat Responsibly project. Their successful march with the aim of encouraging others toward responsible consumption was highly appreciated by local farmers and producers. Using questionnaires distributed at school […]

The fair trade breakfast was a great success. Students from Zbiroh want to make it a tradition.

“Fair trade is fun,” could be a motto of the Eco-team from Zbiroh, Czech Republic. In addition to traditional events such as screenings of documentary films with discussions, children involved in the We Eat Responsibly project came up with few novelties. They organized a fair trade breakfast for the public and a fair trade St. […]


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