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Proud Mr. Hamster in Urša Domžale preschool

Children of Urša Domžale preschool learnt how to take care of their own garden, how to cook traditional meals and prepare drinks from their herbs. They managed to reduce waste and create their own menu. You could taste homemade spinach or hazelnut spread or many other spreads made from organic ingredients. You could drink herbal […]

Homemade is different! Mainly in the Primary School of Ptuj

Homemade is different! That was the message which students from the Primary School in Ptuj presented to others at the event called Slovenian farms, held at the Altermed Fair. They were ready to demonstrate their thorough research of old Slovenian traditional dishes and folk tradition products. However, the event was preceded by months of hard […]

No more palm oil in Preserje pri Radomljah Primary School

Craft lessons, home economics, science lessons… During all these lectures, students of Preserje pri Radomljah Primary School in Slovenia were learning how to eat responsibly and locally, without palm oil. The success of the We Eat Responsibly project was derived mainly from the will of the students who voluntarily joined the Eco-School Committee and divided […]

Why kids from Dubá Primary school bake cakes from old bread?

What do people often throw away? What do they waste? What could we find in their bins? And mainly – why? These and other crucial questions were discussed by kids from the Czech Primary school in Dubá. Then, they went to the streets of Dubá, asked around, collected their old bread, and after that came […]

Gardeners from Croatian kindergarten Dječja Mašta

What is the best time to start to teach our children about responsible consumption and food? Our answer is: „The sooner the better!“ And the kids from Dječja Mašta kindergarten from Čakovec in Croatia could be a great example. They are learning about nature, plants and food while playing and having a good time with […]

“If we only cared on time.” – A comic book written by Gymnasium Vukovar

Croatian Gymnasium Vukovar decided to take action against students´ negligence and carelessness when making their food choices. Students and teachers formed the school Eco Committee to change things in their own Gymnasium. Pizza, junk food and microwave oven The first important task was to investigate how serious food waste was at their school. Teachers posed […]

An honored visit to August Šenoa elementary school in Osijek

Students from the August Šenoa elementary school in Croatia are learning a lot about important food issues such as the concept of fair-trade and working conditions of people in developing countries. So, what could be better than an opportunity for students to direct questions regarding food issues to field expert Mr. Lassina from the distant […]

The “Live Responsibly” Eco festival in Burgas

160 students and pupils from 15 different Bulgarian schools and kindergartens met at Eco festival “Live Responsibly” in Burgas to present various activities and materials they had prepared for visitors. Mainly, students shared their experience and knowledge gained thanks to their teachers engaged in “We Eat Responsibly” project. The festival was situated at the beautiful […]

The motto of Stoyan Mihailovski school: “It´s fun to be eco!”

Students from Stoyan Mihailovski school in Varna, Bulgaria, have discovered a very important thing: “It´s fun to be eco!” Thanks to their teachers, they learned a lot about food issues and, mainly, how important it is to use this new knowledge in everyday life.   The “True Food” public event was essential to student learning […]

Experts on food from Mezmalina Nursery School in Latvian Priekuli

Is there any kind of food you hate because of the memories from your school canteen? Do you have any good memories concerning food from your school? It is true that we create our food habits in early childhood. And we are influenced mainly by our parents and teachers. The teachers in Mezmalina Nursery School […]


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