The international Forum for Change Menu took place at Impact Hub in Prague from October 21st to October 23rd, 2016. The event was organized by Glopolis as part of the educational project Menu for Change, which is focused on responsible food consumption.

What should we eat now and in the future to feed ourselves and humankind and not deplete all of our natural resources? And how should agriculture be adapted? These and other topics were discussed by participants of the Forum. Teachers also shared good practices from a variety of schools.

The Forum was attended by 120 lecturers and teachers from many countries who help both students and adults understand the impacts of our food on humanity and our planet.

Renowned foreign experts gave talks at the Forum, including Desor Shiba, an Indian expert on alternative agriculture and sustainable development, Pascal Gbenou, president of the West African farmers’ association ROPPA and experienced teachers of Global Education from the UK and Cyprus.

Participants at the event were interested, among other things, in the interactive game by Virginia Pissoort from the Belgian NGO, SOS Faim. Participants were given roles such as farmers, representatives of international organizations, or foods. The aim of the workshop was to link participants with a string and discover relationships in the food system.

Christine Chemnitz from the Heinrich Boell Foundation presented the Atlas of Meat for Youth. The Atlas nicely explains the impact of meat production and consumption on the environment and on us, the inhabitants of the planet. Thanks to cooperation with children they developed an appealing visual guide for young readers.

The Menu for Change project under which the Forum was held has been run by Glopolis in nine European Union countries, including the Czech Republic, since 2015. A total of 550 eco-schools, 1,800 teachers and 80,000 students are involved.


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