12 Sep

Negative trends of food consumption Responsible consumption

What are the 6 negative trends of modern food consumption we work with in the project? Have a look and discover real life impacts of different choices consumers make related to each of these topics.

12 Sep

Calendar of seasonal fruit and vegetable of Latvia Fair and Local

Don’t you know what is in season in particular months in your country? This calendar developed in Latvia may help you to choose more seasonal foods. You will find out the best seasons of fruits and vegetables and discover which of them to use during winter season. Why is it important to prefer local products? […]

7 Sep

Responsible Eating Fair in Croatia Fair and Local Food systems Responsible consumption

Before the end of schools year 2015-2016 Eco-Team from primary school in Osijek, Croatia, supported by parents and other students organized Responsible Eating Fair to show and promote what they have learned thanks to the project. Students, teachers, parents and external partners prepared delicious fruits and vegetables dishes according to the principles of responsible food […]

7 Sep

Calendars of Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable in Malta. Fair and Local Responsible consumption

Following research by students from St Michael School this poster was produced as guidelines about the availability of fruits in the Maltese islands and whether they are locally grown or not. Why is eating locally and seasonally good for the planet? Local and seasonal food doesn’t travel from distant places or doesn’t grow in heated […]

7 Sep

Floor game to investigate hidden stories of our food. Food systems Responsible consumption

Let’s taste and discover responsible food consumption when playing together. A floor game developed in Malta offers this great experience. By steping on the pictures that represent responsible or irresponsible food consumption you move forward or backwards and at the same time you learn how your food choices change the world. Go to “materials” to […]


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